No More Delays

No More Delays


We have all experienced delays in our lives in the past couple of months based on what has been going on in the environment. The delays we have been experienced may have been through a job, potential opportunity, finances, relationships, and more. 


In March, I wrote about the delay I was experiencing because of the airport closures in Haiti. Not only was our trip as an organization (Dare Humanity) to visit our communities delayed, my reunion with my husband in Haiti was delayed as well. My husband, Woodelore, and I married on January 4, 2020 and he returned to Haiti on January 13, 2020. We have not seen each other since January 13th. 


My flight to Haiti at the end of March was cancelled. I rescheduled the flight for the beginning of this month, and once again, it was cancelled. Now my flight is scheduled for the beginning of June and I am saying today – no more delays. 


There will be no more delays in ministry, opportunities, relationships, finances, divine alignment and connections. I declare that everything that has been held back, stolen, manipulated and blocked will come forth and be expedited and accelerated. No more delays. 


Declare it – no more delays!


Every opportunity that is yours, every opportunity that is ours, is here and manifesting now. We are believing for increase. We are believing for recompense. We are believing for everything the Father has for us. 


I am praying for you and believing for your harvest. I am especially praying for relationships, long distance relationships included – that the harmony and communication in the relationship will increase and that the Father will be the center and foundation


If you have any prayer requests, you can send them to me directly – I will be praying for you. 


Be blessed and walk in your favor.

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