Some May Call It Bold…

Some May Call It Bold…

Haiti, is one of the most impoverished, yet magnificent countries in the world. The people, living far below the poverty level that one would find in the United States, remain grateful, big-hearted and resilient.

I experience this duality when visiting the country. I can recall my first trip to Haiti in 2015 when I uncovered the reality of the country and its people.

Silent emergency and operating rooms full of patients facing detrimental conditions due to motorcycle accidents, waterborne illnesses, and an inability to pay for preventive health services and the like.

Grinning children on their 3-mile walk to school with ginger-blonde hair due to malnutrition.

Once uncharted communities in the Artibonite Department – Sonyen and Deluge – partnering with my nonprofit organization, Dare Humanity, which aims to provide opportunities for self sufficiency, entrepreneurship, wellness and development for communities in Haiti.

Dare Humanity began its work in Haiti in September of 2018.

You’ll have to make the choice about whether you’re going to answer the call on your life or continue to be a spectator. In 2018, I made the choice to visit Haiti for the second time, after I could not shake the persistent reminder of what I had experienced in Haiti the first time while on a medical mission trip.

Dare Humanity’s priorities include the Young Dreams Sponsorship Program, which sponsors students whose parents cannot afford school fees; clean drinking water which can decrease the prevalence of water-borne illnesses and community development. 

When I went to Haiti that second time, I only knew one person, but that was how I was connected to the communities we serve.

Some may say it’s bold to return to Haiti during such a catastrophic time while political opposition in the country still persists, and the Coronavirus is prevalent in the U.S and around the world.

I visited Haiti in February of last year with Pastor Lafayette White and his wife, Rolanda White when the political turmoil with protesting, demonstrations and high crime levels began to rise. We were able to provide much needed resources and take the next steps towards developing our work.

I know that God has called me to serve in Haiti and I will not abandon my communities.

Dare Humanity will be returning to Haiti in April with the goal to establish sound community member centered plans for the leaders and communities in Haiti so that the organization can continue to expand and serve for years to come.

I appreciate everyone who continues to support our communities and youth in Haiti.
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